"Izovac Technologies" and "Izovac Augmented Reality" became HTP's residents

On June 1, 2018, two companies – “Izovac Technologies and “Izovac Augmented Reality became the residents of Belarusian High-Tech Park! In general, HTP’s supervisory committee has taken a decision on registration of 56 new residents including our companies. Izovac team expresses gratitude to the administration of the Park and all those who supports us in developing of Belarusian hardware!
For less than six months the number of residents has grown up to 100 companies. Rapid growth is a result of signing the Presidential decree No 8, which has expanded significantly the opportunities of IT development.
A list of new residents enumerates a large number of start-ups including “Izovac AR which has grown as a result of the fast developing technologies and ideas in the field of augmented and virtual reality. “Izovac AR team developed its own technology of creation of the unique optoelectronic devices which finally makes possible implementation of the augmented reality effect with the high quality. Being the HTP’s member we will have a great to develop successfully our ideas and technologies and grow our innovation potentiality. We hope Izovac is a great example example for others, not less unique, instrument-making companies with whom we are contributing to developing and growth of Belarusian hardware.