ASTRA platform

Horizontal Inline Vacuum systems for large scale mass production.

ASTRA inline platform is based on magnetron sputtering technology with its modification for high throughput production of conveyor type.
The main distinguishing future is substrate loading in horizontal position. In this case substrate (or several substrates) is loaded on transport carrier that moves along all coater passing trough several steps of vacuum load-locks and process coridors . At the end of the coater carriers going out to the atmosphear thrugh vacuum load lock chamber.
Carriers returne to the loading area following return conveyor that works in atmosphere and in standart designe it is located under process chambewr for space saving.

This solution has the following advantages:
   - no uncoating area on the substrate
   - easy loading, easy automation
   - flexibility of return conveyor design that make easy integration to fab automation
   - possibility to make double side coating
   - process stability due to constant vacuum, working gas conditions

The disadvatage is top to bottom sputtering design that cause risk off particals on the substrate from magnetron stations. To eliminate this issue the time between maintenace (MTBM) is made shorter.

Classification by size.
By coating area size classification ASTRA platform has the following options:
   - GEN 2 with coating area 370x4200 mm
   - GEN 4.5 with coating area 800x1100 mm

Together with coating area size the main parametrer that define productivity is cycle tme (or tact time like in conveyor production). It is time between unloading transport carriers with coated substrates.
For Aurora platform the shortest cycle time is from 45 sec.

The modular structure allows to relize various technologies (quantity of layers) with different cycle time by installation additional chambers with sputtering stations in necessary positions.
The main technology realized on AURORA coaters:
   - ITO and other TCO structures
   - Index Match ITO for touch industry
   - Antireflection coating on cover glass (AR)
   - AR plus anti fingerprint coatings (AR+AF)
   - NCVM color coating on glass and plastic substrates (PET)
   - Metalization coating.

Process stability.
One of the main advantage of INLINE coaters is outstanding process stability. Along with a standart parameters as well known cyclindrical magnatron sputtering stations IZOVAC reached outstanding stability by organize transport system whe carriers move with ZERO GAP between each other when they go in front od sputtering stations. This solution stabilize plazma condition that makes reactive sputtering rliable and repeatable for high quality anti reflection coating.

ASTRA modifications.
- ASTRA- M : horizonatal coater of medium size for mass production
- ASTRA - S : small size coater for small scale production, pilot run, lab, R&D and process tuning

For details about configuration please see description for each model or contact us for help.


Horizontal massproduction coater


Horizontal LAB coater