Horizontal Inline Vacuum systems for lab and small scale production.

ASTRA-S is vacuum coating system based on magnetron sputtering with horizontal substrate loading.
In basic configuration it has similar principal as batch coater (when each loading is made after previous carrier is unloaded) but it can be modified to inline mode with continius production with predefined cycle time.

Main ideas of ASTRA-S coater are the following:
   - to create small coater that 100% repeat coating conditions of mass production inline coater; it provides possibility to make process tuning in similar conditions and to start mass production of new process with minimal time loss of production facilities;
   - to create coater that ca grow up together with customer business: starting from lab it can be modified later to real inline produstion coater with high troughput.

Coater description.
ASTRA-S caoting system is consist of one loading table and vacuum chambers (load lock and process chambers) that are all installed in clean room. Basic ASTRA-S design is one-end, that means loading and unloading is made from one side. It means coater in basic configuration works in batch mode when new loading is made only after the previous one is completly finished. Optionaly coater can be modified for two-ends design when loading and unloading is made from opposit sides and coating process is made in inline mode with predefined cycle time.
Thus basic configuration of ASTRA-S may be modified on production coater with significantly increased tropughpu.
Substrates are loaded on the transport carriers that goes through vacuum load lock chamber to process chamber (sputtering area). In process chamber carrier makes scanning movements in front of the magnetron system to get necessary coating thickness.
Process chambers can be equiped with all necessary technological systems for substrate cleaning, thin film coating and postreatment if required.
Coater control is made from HMI + PLC system in fully automated mode.

Available generation.
By coating area size ASTRA-S is available in the next versions:
- GEN 2 with coating area 370x4200 mm
Other variation (not standard) can be discussed.

As lab coater with potential for modification to small scale production ASTRA-S in a basic version works in scanning mode. In this case productivity depends on layer thickness (scans number).
Due to modular design ASTRA-S can be extended by installation additional process chambers and loadlock at the end to transform lab coater to production one.

Having modular design ASTRA-S coater structure can be scaled and optimized for different production task. The following technological devises can be used:
   - Ion Beam Cleaning system
   - RF plasma cleaning system
   - Planar magnetron sputtering station (DC or AC)
   - Cylindrical rotary magnetron sputtering station (DC or AC)
   - RF magnetrons
   - optical monitoring

Substrate type:
   - glass
   - PET (or other plastic films)
   - other material by request

For details about configuration please contact us for help.