LIDIZ platform

LIDIZ vacuum systems family is the result and embodiment of 50 years’ experience in Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) technology. IBS technology is well known for its extremely low-loss optical coatings. LIDIZ IBS Sputtering Systems is an effective tool for deposition of optical coatings for a wide range of applications. LIDIZ is created to get thin films from a wide range of materials with high accuracy and excellent quality. Unique optical process control system IZOVAC OCP SingleWave and OCP BroadBand with intellectual real-time optimization of optical coating design provides automation of complicated filters coating with high accuracy and repeatability

Main Features
   - RF Grid high-power IBS for deposition with RF neutralizer to ensure high deposition rates and film quality
   - RF IBS assist with RF neutralizer to ensure maximum stoichiometry control and substrate pre-cleaning and activation
   - Automatic Optical control system IZOVAC OCP in various configuration:
      OCP Broadband,
      OCP Singlewave,
      OCP Duo with 2 control types in one system
      OCP Laser
   - Multiple choice of Substrate holders to provide maximum product flexibility and to match productivities needs:
      Single Disk
      Planetary system
      High speed single disk

Coatings Applications:
   - Laser Mirrors
   - Bandpass filters
   - Multi-band bandpass filters
   - Notch filters
   - Multi-notch filters
   - Rugate filters
   - Low scatter and absorption loss optics
   - Thin-film polarizers
   - Wide-angle antireflection coatings
   - Coatings on fibers
   - AR coatings on laser diodes
   - Coatings with low defects
   - Low loss HR or AR coatings (total loss is less than 10 ppm)
   - Multi-layers filters (>100 layers) with high requirements to precision and thickness control

For details about configuration please see description for each model or contact us for help.

For coatings examples and deatil information about LIDIZ please download the LIDIZ CATALOGUE.


RF IBS for sputtering and assistance

Automatic Optical control (OCP BB, SW, Duo, Laser)

Multiple choice of substrate holder (single disk, planetary, High speed)

Load-lock is available


RF IBS for sputtering and assistance

Automatic Optical control (OCP BB, SW, Duo, Laser)

Increased Throughput