Training customers’ personnel

To expedite installation of vacuum equipment on customer’s site and make its running more efficient, IZOVAC conducts training of our partners’ personnel

The training course is conducted on our company’s training base and includes studying of theoretical subjects and practical activities in assembling and adjusting of the equipment, and also deposition of film structures.

Contents of theoretical study is agreed upon with a customer, and usually includes such issues as fundamentals of vacuum equipment, methods of leak detection, vacuum equipment make-up, fundamentals of sputtering process physics, control of thin-film structures deposition, principal diagrams of sputtering coaters.

The course usually lasts for 7-10 working days for a group of 4-6 customer’s specialists. In some cases we conduct additional training on our partner’s premises to introduce wider circle of specialists to the technology supplied. Besides, within one year guarantee period specialists of IZOVAC conduct current training of customer’s engineers in the form of seminars and practical studies to teach them rational working skills and devices.

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