Hydrophobic coatings

IZOVAC  has developed a new non-vacuum technology and equipment for hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings deposition.

GT®  is a new IZOVAC created technology that is used for hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings application. This technology is scalable and suitable for mass production.

GT®  coater for hydrophobic coatings is represented below.



Advantages of Hydrophobic oleophobic coating (Defensiz®):

  • Long-term durability in resisting chemical and mechanical wear
  • Repellent to fingerprints and water
  • Easy-to-clean with a dry soft cloth
  • Water contact angle > 110°
  • Combination with anti-reflective coating

Defensiz® coating application

The multifunctional AR+AF coating is well suited for use in various applications where oleophobic and hydrophobic properties plays a important role: in surface protection of optical glass from contamination, wear-resistant coatings for smartphones, industrial displays, touch screens,  architectural glass, gaming and public displays, etc.

Difference between uncoated and coated with  Defensiz® coating glass is shown on the video Hydrophobic coating - GT technology.

This technology is used in: