Ion-beam sputtering

Technology of ion-beam sputtering consists in bombardment of given composition target with beam of ions with energy up to 5000 eV, and subsequent deposition of sputtered material on the substrate. In this case stoichiometry of coating being formed is identical to that of a target.

The technology is intended for deposition of precision multi –layer coatings having high density and low roughness. Films obtained by ion-beam sputtering method have absolute value of roughness Rpv = 4.0 nm with mean square deviation Rms = 0.19 nm.

Distinguishing advantages of the technology is formation of coatings without drift effect in time during exposure to atmospheric and various climatic conditions, which is one of most crucial requirements of modern optical and functional coatings. Additional advantages of the technology are possibility to conduct reactive and non-reactive processes in one chamber without readjustment (for example, target Si can yield coatings Si, SiO2, Si3N4), as well as deposition of coatings on thermally sensitive substrates (like plastic, etc), as the deposition process is characterized by low temperatures up to 90 0C.

IZOVAC has developed sources of series IBSS with various ion-beam configurations, that allows to conduct sputtering of targets of both circular and linear geometry, including skew sputtering.

This technology is used in: