Atis 500

Description of engineering solutions

Cyclic-action unit with cylindrical chamber 500 mm in diameter and 330 mm high. The chamber is accessed through folding top cover.

The chamber is equipped with cryogenic pump providing maximum fast evacuation and water vapours pump down. Forevacuum pump down is made by oil-free mechanical pump.

The chamber houses 9-positions substrate holder, one of which is intended for dusting of magnetrons. Dimensions of the holder allow to load for treatment up to 8 substrates measuring 60x48mm for two-side sputtering.

To clean substrates before coating in order to enhance adhesion two ion cleaning linear type ion sources having aperture of 140 mm are installed.

For deposition of sub-layer and main metal layer four direct current magnetrons with 150 mm diameter target are mounted inside the chamber.

Substrates are treated step-by-step. Sequence of treatment is set by operator (for example, first the sub-layer is deposited on all substrates, and then the main layer, or sub-layer and straight after the main layer is deposed on each substrate).

The unit is equipped with closed water cooling system (the duty of the customer is provision of distilled water only).

The system software allows to perform the technological process both manually on operator’s commands, and automatically according to the entered recipe.

The equipment we offer has output of 40 two-side sputtered substrates per shift, for example for structure Сr-Cu-Cr.


3. Main technical data

Treated substrates

8 substrates per load, size 60х48 mm

Type of substrate

Quarts, glass, silicon, others

Sputtering targets


Sputtering system

Four magnetrons for metals sputtering, target diameter is 150 mm

System of substrates treatment

Two linear cleaning ion sources with ion charge compensator

Dimensions of targets

Diameter 150 mm, thickness 4-6 mm

Operation gases

Argon, oxygen (purification)

High-vacuum pump down

Cryogenic pump

Forevacuum pump down

Dry oil-free pump

Rated power consumption

10 kW (approximately)

Rated equipment floor space

2900 mm х 1700 mm


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