The coating is carried out by magnetron sputtering technology with preliminary ion-beam cleaning.
The system has a D-shape form with two technological doors. Substrates holders of drum-type with planets and servo-drive are installed inside every door. Quantity of the planets at the drum depends on the dimensions of the substrates.
Two-door concept helps to increase the productivity of the system - while one door is closed for the process, the other one is opened for the substrated unloading/loading. The cahmber equiped with easy dismountling covers for the faster maintenance and service.
Technological devices:
The technological chamber has 4 flanges for the installation of the technological devices (magnetrons and ion-beam sources for preliminaty cleaning. The quantity and disposal of the technological devices depends on the coating technology and designed individually for every customer.
Localization of the magnetrons provides high quality coating of the back and rear sides of the treated products surfaces, fast deposition of the metalic coatings and compounds on their basis. 
Ion-beam sources are used for the preliminary cleaning of the products surfaces which helps to increase the coating quality significantly as well as eliminate necessity of other special equipment for pre-coating cleaning of the products.
Technological features:
- High productivity, easy operation, flexability;
- Fast cycle process;
- No delays between the processes of the main painting, metallization and final coating which gelps to increase the cleanless of the final product significantly;
- Designing of individual planets and jigs for every customer.
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