Vacuum system for cleaning shadow masks off organic staining for display production. Now manufacturers of displays on the basis of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) can drastically change improve shadow masks cleaning process thanks to vacuum system MC-540 with FSB (fast scanning beam) technology, developed by IZOVAC. The vacuum system is a small-dimension cluster operating as a stand-alone unit, or can be built-in OLED production line in a standard way. Mask to be cleaned is loaded in the cluster and unloaded by cluster system robot, or manually by operator.

Distinguishing features as against liquid cleaning technology:

  • No poorly cleaned sections of organic on the shadow mask;
  • Retention of mask form and structure;
  • No expenses related to purchasing of expensive optical quality control systems;
  • 3-5 times extension of mask service life;
  • Building-in production lines of OLED displays;
  • Complete applicability of technology for all types of existing shadow masks (open mask, dot type and strip type).
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