GT Oleophobic coater

GT coating equipment is based on the well-known method of Langmuir-Blodgett when monolayers are transferred to the surface of the product from “water-air" interface. Unique features of these technology allow making the process of forming a film continuously, including Roll-to-Roll process for flexible products.The technology allows forming a defect-free coating having a thickness of 2 to 100 nm depending on the molecular structure of the coating material.

Oleophobic coatings could stand up to 10,000 cycles of  steel wool abrasion under a load  of 10 N/cm,  Except hydro- and oleophobic properties,  coatings has very low friction, stability to the aggressive environmental effect (acids, alkalis, UV radiation).

The offered equipment can easily be integrated into a continuous-type mass-production process, while there is no principled restriction on the size of modifiable area. In particular, it is possible to supply the equipment for modification of sheet glass of maximum size Jumbo (6000 mm x 3210 mm). The equipment can be additionally equipped with optional systems for pre-cleaning of glass surfaces, light and heat treatment, loading and unloading devices, etc.

The equipment can be produced under requirements of a specific customer and could provide formation of layers not only on flat surfaces, but also on complex shapes surfaces.

Low capital cost of the equipment as well as its operational costs makes the developed technology one of the most cost-effective solution among the surface treatment and coatings technologies.

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