Ortus 700

IZOVAC presents the newest series of vacuum coating system ORTUS with electron-beam evaporators . The present series is a new generation of equipment for production of high-quality optical coatings. Wide selection of equipment versions allows to be flexible in choosing required configuration of  vacuum coaters and  to be sure in successful solving of your tasks.


  • Complete automation;
  • High quality of workmanship and complete set;
  • Competitive price;
  • Upper drive of fittings rotation with built-in systems of quarts and optical control;
  • 18 months guarantee, complete set of technical support.

Examples of deposited coatings:

MgF2, SiOX, ZnS, Ta2O5, and so on

Technical characteristics of vacuum coating system Ortus 700



1. Chamber diameter, mm


2. Ultimate pressure in the clean chamber without a clean snap, not higher than, Pa

8 х10-4

3. Time to reach ultimate pressure, no more than, min


4. Time to reach pressure of 1 x 10-3 Pa (without heating) in a clean high-vacuum chamber since the beginning of pumping, no more than, min


5. Leakage into the chamber for 10 hours, no more, l*Pa/s

1 х 102

6. Controllable range of operating pressure in the chamber for process gas overlapping , Pa

1 х 10-2 - 8 х 10-2

7. Controllable range of heating temperature of the working volume of the chamber in the underdome zone armature, оС


8. Electron - beam evaporators quantity, pcs


9. Ion assisting sources quantity , pcs


10. Resistive evaporators quantity, pcs


11. Smooth (inverter) speed regulation carousel, RPM

от 0 до 30

12. Nonuniformity in the thickness of the coating to the entire spherical surface of the dome of the substrate holder, no more than, %


13. Nonuniformity in the thichness of the coating for planetary type armature , no more than, %


14. Weight, no more than, kg


15. Power consumption (peak), no more than, kW






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