Vacuum system “Clean scanner is intended for display application. Vacuum coater SE-300 has been developed for obtaining new types of coatings, used in organic displays. These vacuum systems are particularly efficient in deposition of Si3N4- based thin-film sealing coatings and transparent conducting coatings with improved characteristics. Easy integration of vacuum coaters SE-300 in new and existing OLED displays’ production lines has been assured by using additional lock chamber, provided with individual high vacuum evacuation system and high-vacuum robot-manipulator


  • Ion-beam sputtering source with four-position unit of replaceable targets provides ample opportunities both for conducting research and production of thin-film structures having various composition and degree of complexity.
  • Application of ion -beam technologies from IZOVAC for deposition of coatings directly on organic structures without degradation of their characteristics have been successfully confirmed by our customers.
  • Very low level of particles generation in the course of coatings deposition is achieved owing to special design of ion sources movement mechanism, practically having no friction pairs;
  • Integration in research and production OLED lines is provided, if necessary, by a lock chamber with high-vacuum robotic loader;
  • Dimensions of processed substrates are 200x200 mm and 370x470mm;
  • Substrates’ heating can be set optionally;
  • Vacuum coater design complies with requirements for clean room of Class 1000.
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