IZOVAC was founded on the base of scientific laboratory in Belarus State University of Informatics and Radio electronics where our founders had been working on Ion Beam technology and physics of thin films since 1970s. Thanks to the high scientific potential and profounded R&D works the development of thin films coating technologies always was a primary task.

Following the global market demands we developed Magnetron Sputtering Technology (MS, RMS, PARMS), Diamond Like Coating for IR optics (DLC by PECVD), E-Beam Evaporation coating (IBAD), Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS, RF IBS) for precision optics.

Being focused on optical coatings we developed automatic optical process control systems OCP Broad Band and OCP Single Wave that alow to make high precision multilayer optical coagting for UV, VIS, NIR, Mid IR with high yield.

Always updated requirements for coatings from the customer demanded from us incessant R & D, which leads to the constant improvement of equipment and defined the role of the entire company not only as a developer of equipment, but more as a developer of technology plus equipment as a whole.

The accumulated experience in technologies and methods of thin films coating was realized in the creation of Izovac Technology Ltd., a company specializing in coating service. It also positioned IZOVAC as company who provides technological support for each customer, share the knowledge in thin films.

With each customer, we are aimed at long-term cooperation based on our experience in technology and continuous improvement.